Saturday, December 15

Where's tinkknitz?

First an apology. The huge typeface on the last post came from my copy/paste job from my flickr site where I had nicely entered all my yarn info already. I didn't have the patience to retype it all.

I've been fine and had some ::errrr:: stuff not related to my health to keep me off balance for the last two weeks. My husband and I have been hunkered down here at home.
Yes. I have been knitting. I knit on the way to and from radiation therapy (only five more!) and have found that small projects work best. That works for me in general although as soon as I can ball some of that glorious stuff I got at Stitches, I have some plans. Come on Christmas. I'm hitting Santa big time for a swift and ballwinder and if if isn't under the tree my Dad has already bestowed the funds! His birthday hat is done too. I'll show it off when I get a picture of him in it Christmas. I tried to get it to him a few weeks ago but that couldn't happen then all hell broke loose. But lookee here:

Isn't she pretty?

The pattern is called Banana Republic Hat Knockoff - I found it at Ravelry of course. It does have a story. Don't you love a good story?

I started this because of a damn 50% coupon at JoAnn. I had another starting the following day and planned to go back for another skein I needed - they had plenty of the stuff. The following day - I had the family emergency thing. 10 days, three stores and many miles later I got the stuff to finish this thing. I dragged my poor husband all over creation to find this stuff. The horrible thing was, I didn't need the other skein. When I had the nerve to tell him, we had a good laugh. It is so cute and soft on my mostly bald punkin' head. I decided on the little Christmas bird for now. So festive!

Lots of charity knitting too. Small projects seem to work best back back and forth to radiation.

First up is John's Prayer. It's a preemie cap I knitted it in one day - a first for me. Every stitch was with a friend in mind.

I had more of the yarn so I made another.
Sense a theme?

Had a little left so I mad a coaster
for my chemo nurse. Not charity. Oops!

Move along.

I made a cute little hat with no pattern. I can make a hat right? I know the gauge for the yarn. Work it out for the circumference and make sure the decreases will work out. Bingo! Fluffy Cuff Chemo Hat for the cancer center. Math is a bear for me since my brain went haywire and I have to calculate several times to be sure things are right but it turned out didn't it? I have another hat done - a No Hair Day - all fluff, and it's soooo soft. It came from The Charity Stash. The quality of the Italian eyelash is luxurious so I had to use the leftovers on this one - every bit of it. I just can't put my hands on it right now for some reason to take a picture. Gotta dig down in the knitting box by the couch I guess. Diane at the cancer center says they snap up my hats which pleases me to no end. On a sad note, Wednesday she told me the lady to whom she gave my first Red Hat Society No Hair Day hat passed away early this week. Her husband was donating her hats and wigs but was keeping mine because it was her favorite - it matched her convertible. Wow. I guess I keep doing what I do eh?

Well, I've got some laundering to do and then package these puppies up.

Better line something up for tomorrow too!

Saturday, December 1

Stitches East: Part III - The Haul

I never showed you the haul.


100% Baby Merino Wool lace

"Purple Mystery" #30

Jade Sapphire

100% Mongolian Cashmere

Blueberries and Plums #36


Super Socks and Baby 80% wool/20% nylon

Linie 60 - Tondo

100% wool

10 red and 10 peach

Brown Sheep Burly Spun - 100% wool

Storm Moon Knits Celestial Bulky

Rip Her To Shreds

100% Merino Wool

Storm Moon Knits Celestial Worsted

Let There Be Lips

100% Merino Wool

Storm Moon Knits Whirlwind Mohair

I put a spell on you

78% mohair /13%wool/9%nylon

Brooks Farm


55% Superwash wool /30%silk/15%vicose