Monday, September 22

Lots of F.O.

Most of this stuff has been done for eons.

My husband actually began to nag me encourage me to take picture by putting the projects in a bag with the camera and sitting them in the kitchen by the deck. He even included my big glass head. I'm ashamed to say t
hese are very late going to their charities, but now that they are washed and bagged, I can deliver them. And now, without further ado ~

Preemie Hats for Howard Co Hospital

Chemo Cap With Floppy Brim from Cancer Can't

It looks more like a cloche to me, but turned out nicely and is very soft, so who cares?

And of course another No Hair Day. This one I call Confetti.

Now then.

On Ravelry I have joined a new group that has become dear to my heart. Helping Kids At Hopkins (Ravelry link)
is the brainchild of my friend Nittany Knits. You may recall her daughter Gabrielle had a brief but intense illness before passing last spring. The group knits items for (you guessed it) the kids at the Cancer Center at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. There are plans for projects in other Units too. The heart unit will be in February for instance. Every two months is a new theme - and there are even prizes, voted on by the knitters. But the incentive is the joy.

Our first effort was Halloween.

Isn't it he awsome? Oh! The hat too!

Tuesday, September 9

Taa Daa !

Introducing my finished April May Armwarmers. They took me a bit over a year I'm guessing, with a very long stretch between arms. I could have knit a body suit in between there - except for the fact that there's no way in hell I would do that. But they're done and they're lovely and I can thank the Ravelympics for pushing me to complete my event. WIP Wrestling was a toughie but this puppy would have languished in my knitting box for decades if it weren't for the event. Thanks Team BOB.