Tuesday, February 26


I am working mostly on Bobby's scarf and some on the Mock Cable Baby Hat (awwwwww ain't it cute?) for my cousin's grandchild-to-be-born-soon. Slow going on the hat but the yarn is the corn I bought at Celtic Knot a few weeks ago and is silky smooth. A big difference from some of the acrylic I have used from the charity stash. Oh, not for my hats. They're always soft and cushy for those sensitive heads. But a pet shelter blanket, Knit for Kids sweater, lots of Warm Up America blocks - oh yeah. I use up the stiffer, bulkier yarns I have for those. Hmmmmmm. Come to think of it, I guess it has been a while since I've touched that stuff, but not for lack of wanting to. It's been a while since I finished my last preemie hat too and I haven't touched my current chemo - The Floppy Brim Cap - in eons. My hands are still wonky, but I knit a row or two and stop to rest and that seems to help. I'm hoping it's related to some body swelling pressing on nerves (which I just got news should go down with a medication change as of today!)

So. I have a note from my doctor for the teacher, honest. May I be excused?

Friday, February 22

Happy Friday!

That makes three great knitting days in a row so I had to share.

On Wednesday Bobby was off and could take me and my scooter over to the Claudia Mayer Resource Center. I knit for charity there every Wednesday and haven't been able to go for about two months. I have missed them terribly. It was heavenly to see everyone and they were genuinely thrilled to see me too. We caught up a bit and had finally settled into knitting when one jumped up and said "Ooooo! Ooooo! You came the right day. We just got this in". There were new boxes of donated yarn almost every week but behind me on the table she pulled forth a box full of eyelash. Eyelash! I use it for my No Hair Day Chemo Hats and the colors she had were perfect to match yarns already in my charity stash. We loaded my basket with ball after fluffy ball.

It was meant to be.

On Thursday I went to my regular Sit-n-Knit at the Lakeside Cafe' and Deli. Mr Mike's place was nearly deserted and my friend Nittany Knits and I were the only knitters there. We had the best time, just the two of us talking about nothing but knitting, books and assorted other happy topics. It was the best Sit-n-Knit for some reason. Sitting with one friend and sharing your knitting time is, well . . . therapeutic. It restoreth the soul and sanity. Larger groups can sometimes stray into conduct unbecoming to a knitter. Discussions of acrylic snobbery,
pattern burning, mass froggings . . . but I digress. Try knitting with one friend.

I highly recommend it.

And then came Friday. There was a light snow and a bit of rain last night. Even with a salting this morning, a few small scatterings of ice on our sidewalk nixed me going out for an appointment. The threat of more ice (even though it never materialized) around four in the afternoon canceled another appointment for me. Bummer. It was a totally grey and boring day. Then in comes my Boo.
Look what my Boo brought home tonight! Happy Friday! He's all bright eyed and cheery bearing gifts of an armful of bright flowers, my favorite Starbucks Coffee (in the recycling and not pictured I'm afraid) and a knitting book. My Boo.

He loves me.

That makes three great knitting days in a row so I had to share.

Sunday, February 10

LOL Tinkkintz

This is too funny.

LOL tinkknitz

Tuesday, February 5


Had a great time at a gathering of the Central Maryland Knitting Guild on Sunday. Knitters communing, eating good food and knitting. What could be better? I like to sit with folks I don't know. You learn a thing or two and I've been socially deprived lately. The main staff member there surprised us with a chocolate laced goodie at the end to top it off. Very sweet of her. And quite fine - not a real sweet but chocolate - the way I like it.

The girls told me there was a sale
at The Celtic Knot Yarn Shop over the weekend too. It was part of their 5th Anniversary Celebration complete with prizes - sadly no phone call came to announce my winnings later in the day oh well :-( The atmosphere was festive though and I spent the bucks my Dad gave me for Christmas on a bunch of Addies I wanted. Wheeeee! Carole had all the ones I wanted but one. She offered to have a friend deliver it to my regular knitting group on Thursdays. Funny thing, she still didn't have the Soak I want. Poor thing can't keep it in stock.

Ran into pal from Ralvelry who's working there now. She helped me pick out
some cool corn yarn in a pretty lavender for a hat for my cousin's baby granddaughter which is on the way. Yes, I succumbed. Besides, the hand is okay if I knit a row or two and rest it. I first was looking for a traditional pink baby yarn and there wasn't any. Turns out that was a good thing for my intentions to do more creative knitting this year. This gives me a chance to work with something cool for a change and it's completely machine washable and dryable. The couple is young so that is a must. But now I have to decide on the pattern. Arrrrrrghhh! Here comes the patternophobia.

Ravelry. It's everywhere now. It was only two months old
when I came on board back in June 2007 and had only

3063 users, 682 unclaimed invitations, and 7,303 people on the waiting list

And 8 months later on February 1 2008?

Total # of registered users: 72,879

Wooooooooah! Impressive.