Saturday, November 29

Lookee here


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You can get one too at spell with flicr Thank javajem for showing it to me.

I'm thinking of making it my banner up there on top. What do you think?

I've been making toys for the Ravelry group Helping Kids at Hopkins. So far a knitted bunny and bear - and last night I finished a little crochet bird. The bird is my first actual attempt at Amigurumi. What fun! The bird directions were extremely simple, but I'm ready to tackle something more challenging now. The toughest thing about these is facial features. We have to avoid choking hazards, so none of those cute little plastic eyes and noses. Unfortunately, my embroidery skills are akin to the giant sewing cards given to blind children. Srsly. I am most proud of my bear nose. After three tries, I got it perfect.

I never thought I'd like crochet. I'm still not convinced I'll ever go "Oooo, I must make that crocheted thing . . ." other than these Amigurumi. It is better for creating a n eyeball or a bear's nose, I can tell you that. I guess each craft has it's place in my world :-)

Back to the hook . . .