Tuesday, August 19

For Your Pleasure

Our CD For Your Pleasure from 1995 finally sold to the highest bidder at $31.75 on ebay.

I feel so much better.

However. I'm still working on the April May armwarmer. No wonder I put this aside for so long.
The cotton yarn is going to be nice an soft once it's washed, but right now it's like knitting with twine. The pattern is beautiful, and actually forgiving if you "yo ssk"instead of "k2tog yo" two repeats ago, but the size 2 needles are a bear. I am not a fast knitter. I am not a dedicated knitter. I don't know how I made the Ravelympics' Team Bob in the first place. Was it the skeins of cashmere I slipped to the judges at the Ravelympic Trials? (geez, I was on steroids for a while, think I'll be tested?) WIP Wrestling. What was I thinking? I am supposed to be knitting right now during the men's individual High Bar and where am I? Messing around over here in computer world. Shame on me.

How long 'till Closing Ceremonies?

Saturday, August 2

The Bawdy Balladeers

Once upon a time I was part of a successful A Capella group called The Bawdy Balladeers. We had two recordings. I cried when I saw this on ebay. The link will only be good for two more days so I'll summarize. My best work is currently worth $4.25.

Divided by three musicians.


I am entered in the Ravelry Ravelympics '08. The rules are simple.

  • Choose an event/project to be cast on during the Olympics opening ceremonies 8/8/08
  • It should be a challenge for you to complete in 17 days, not "just another scarf"
  • Olympic trials and training may be done such as swatching
  • Finish before the flame is extinguished 8/24/08

My event is WIP Wrestling and I am on Team BOB. I am psyched because I am about to wrestle my toughest opponent. The mate to an armwarmer I made about a year ago. It’s cotton, it’s lace, and I altered the pattern to make it bigger to fit my queen size arms.

I didn’t write it any of that down.

April May