Friday, September 3

Hunting Wabbits

I have frogged this so many times I hate the feel of the $80 yarn.

Sunday, August 15

::::waving at the Pa Renn Fest Doctor::::

We had such fun at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival today. I checked the cast list and there are two doctors listed, so I apologize for not remembering your name, but here is the promised picture in color and sepia.



You can feel free to snag them here
or different sizes at my flickr account if you double click I believe. I cropped them at 8x10. Hope the rest of the run is drier for you and the whole cast. You all did an amazing job in spite of a drizzly day. Visiting a Ren Fair on wheels gives me an interesting point of view on a subject I thought I knew very well as a performer. Without them, I might have missed meeting the more talented cast members, like you.

Break a leg.


Thursday, July 1

Roll Your Leg Over ~ by Oscar Brand

If you want to add this song to your repertoire you need to start with sheet music, or at least this recording of Oscar Brand singing "Roll Your Leg Over" from his album Bawdy Songs and Backroom Ballads Vol 1 1955.

Thank you to rumandoldspice at YouTube.

This is the album that inspired our version of the song.
When Laura and I started The Bawdy Balladeers in the '80s, we changed the song to a woman's point of view by changing ladies to laddies. I thought rolling a leg over "the man in the moon" wasn't funny. I came up with "it's better that way" and we gave it "the clap".

Countless Renaissance Faire groups and Pub Sings have sung our chorus ever since.

Please give credit to the originators of any music and lyrics or
the recording you used to the best of your ability. If you are researching songs for yourself or a group, be creative. Or at least change the arrangement and how the song is introduced.

Perhaps one day, another budding musician will honor you in the same way.

Sunday, March 21

Holy Saint Francis!

Where the Holy Heck have I been since November of 2008 ?????

I have no excuse, really. I hang out at Ravelry and do my knitting writing there. I even stopped posting pictures so bad I had to post a mass production for the entire year of 2009 for a special project, The 2010 Ravelympics. Here is every project and every bit of unphotographed stash I needed to enter.

Ravelympics Projects 2010_2

And my Medal for completing my event.


So yes, I have been knitting, though less than I used to because I like the community of online knitters a bit too much . . . and that nasty winter kept me in.

Must work on that.

Saturday, November 29

Lookee here


rococokay N I McElman_071126_2033 Z

You can get one too at spell with flicr Thank javajem for showing it to me.

I'm thinking of making it my banner up there on top. What do you think?

I've been making toys for the Ravelry group Helping Kids at Hopkins. So far a knitted bunny and bear - and last night I finished a little crochet bird. The bird is my first actual attempt at Amigurumi. What fun! The bird directions were extremely simple, but I'm ready to tackle something more challenging now. The toughest thing about these is facial features. We have to avoid choking hazards, so none of those cute little plastic eyes and noses. Unfortunately, my embroidery skills are akin to the giant sewing cards given to blind children. Srsly. I am most proud of my bear nose. After three tries, I got it perfect.

I never thought I'd like crochet. I'm still not convinced I'll ever go "Oooo, I must make that crocheted thing . . ." other than these Amigurumi. It is better for creating a n eyeball or a bear's nose, I can tell you that. I guess each craft has it's place in my world :-)

Back to the hook . . .

Sunday, October 26

Bonnie Bunnie

Did I mention that these projects are addictive? It took me all of eight days to finish Bonnie Bunnie. EIGHT DAYS! ME. Ms. Episodic, methodical, slooooow knitter.


The Ravelry Group, Helping Kids at Hopkins, is sponsoring this collection of toys for the kids in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. I had so much fun, probably more than this child ever will. As you can see, we get to attach names and personalities to them. I'll probably change her name to something unisex and I still need bunnie to let me know her personality, so I can give her an appropriate face. They especially are looking for Amigugrumi, but are taking all toys thank goodness. My crochet talent is marginal, although my eyeballs for Along Came A Spider did come out rather cute. I'm not even sure my single crochet goes through two loops or one. But I do have a crochet class at Stitches in two weeks. Then I can tackle that spider I have my eye on or find another amazing creature to delight a sick kid.

Cute doesn't always work when you feel horrid.

Monday, September 22

Lots of F.O.

Most of this stuff has been done for eons.

My husband actually began to nag me encourage me to take picture by putting the projects in a bag with the camera and sitting them in the kitchen by the deck. He even included my big glass head. I'm ashamed to say t
hese are very late going to their charities, but now that they are washed and bagged, I can deliver them. And now, without further ado ~

Preemie Hats for Howard Co Hospital

Chemo Cap With Floppy Brim from Cancer Can't

It looks more like a cloche to me, but turned out nicely and is very soft, so who cares?

And of course another No Hair Day. This one I call Confetti.

Now then.

On Ravelry I have joined a new group that has become dear to my heart. Helping Kids At Hopkins (Ravelry link)
is the brainchild of my friend Nittany Knits. You may recall her daughter Gabrielle had a brief but intense illness before passing last spring. The group knits items for (you guessed it) the kids at the Cancer Center at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. There are plans for projects in other Units too. The heart unit will be in February for instance. Every two months is a new theme - and there are even prizes, voted on by the knitters. But the incentive is the joy.

Our first effort was Halloween.

Isn't it he awsome? Oh! The hat too!