Wednesday, January 30


I'm having this problem with my hands. I get three rows done on Bobby's scarf a night. Grrrrr! I have gotten about 7 inches accomplished though. Even the turtle eventually won the race so maybe I'll get it done by next winter for him. It is very soft and beautiful though. My Boo can pick a yarn I tell 'ya.

I have gotten requests for knitted objects lately too. How nice to be asked but how dismayed I am that they come at this time. My sister has asked for a scarf. The other noticed on this blog that I mentioned something for her a while back. A cousin asked for something for a new granddaughter's shower soon. Eeeeeeeek!

Come on hands - cooperate!

Monday, January 14

Blame The Needles

So. I learned a valuable lesson over the past month or so. Sometimes yarn knits different with different needles - at least for me right now. I'd been trying to knit my husband a scarf with Addies and decided the gauge was off so I moved a size down. Twice. I like circs - I drop a needle fairly often - so I needed to switch to my Boye interchangables but was still having a lot of problems just feeling comfortable knitting the stuff in general. I've been periodically picking the swatch up in the evenings - frogging and knitting the same small swatch ball.

Tonight I got out my first pair of size 7 straight Clover Bamboos.

My Lucky Bamboos.

It was like night and day, the yarn flowed smoothly over the needles and my hands didn't fight as much. And yes, I did say "as much". I am still having trouble with knitting, but at least if I go slow and steady I can maybe enjoy it again instead of all this frustration I've been having. I have been picking up a worsted acrylic preemie hat for social knitting and getting by for a while now.

Now I can maybe make my husband a scarf before summer since he chose the yarn, put it in my Christmas stocking and requested said scarf?

Tuesday, January 1

Obligitory New Yew Year's Post

It's been an interesting year for my knitting world. Changes in my body have affected it and motivation has been obsessive - but not as productive as one might think given all the time on my hands in the last 4 months.

I did get in these:

30 F.O. in 2007(okay, two aren't pictured)

I haven't figured out how to post my nice little collage of them so you'll just have to go to my flickr page to see it. Sorry. I didn't get a picture of my
Banana Republic Neckwarmer yet. I still need to get buttons so it and the Banana Republic Knockoff Hat will match now that Christmas season is over. My little bird needs to hibernate in the jewelry box. Also one of my hats got taken in without a picture - it was in my bag and I was at the center so I turned it in I guess.

Looking at the stuff I did last year really made me take stock of my skills.

  • 21 hats(1 not pictured)
  • 2 blankets, and a few other squareish things using that same pattern
  • 2 scarves, a pair of booties and a single mangled armwarmer.

So what's in store for 2008
  • Knitting for charity of course
  • Knitting for pleasure I hope
  • Knitting for variety please
I do have some things in my Ravelry queue to spice things up. For instance I got an idea from a woman on "The Greater Good" charity forum to make an item and donate it for auction to raise money instead. One Lion Brand Homespun scarf on a Teddy Bear went for $600. Go figure. I can make an intricate lace scarf, a toy, or anything I want in quality yarn and still donate it. Cool!

I am proud to say that 21 of my FO were charity items. And I like making hats dangit. It's why I decided to knit. I will always have a charity hat in progress. I just need to branch out a bit and explore my possibilities.