Sunday, October 26

Bonnie Bunnie

Did I mention that these projects are addictive? It took me all of eight days to finish Bonnie Bunnie. EIGHT DAYS! ME. Ms. Episodic, methodical, slooooow knitter.


The Ravelry Group, Helping Kids at Hopkins, is sponsoring this collection of toys for the kids in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. I had so much fun, probably more than this child ever will. As you can see, we get to attach names and personalities to them. I'll probably change her name to something unisex and I still need bunnie to let me know her personality, so I can give her an appropriate face. They especially are looking for Amigugrumi, but are taking all toys thank goodness. My crochet talent is marginal, although my eyeballs for Along Came A Spider did come out rather cute. I'm not even sure my single crochet goes through two loops or one. But I do have a crochet class at Stitches in two weeks. Then I can tackle that spider I have my eye on or find another amazing creature to delight a sick kid.

Cute doesn't always work when you feel horrid.