Thursday, July 1

Roll Your Leg Over ~ by Oscar Brand

If you want to add this song to your repertoire you need to start with sheet music, or at least this recording of Oscar Brand singing "Roll Your Leg Over" from his album Bawdy Songs and Backroom Ballads Vol 1 1955.

Thank you to rumandoldspice at YouTube.

This is the album that inspired our version of the song.
When Laura and I started The Bawdy Balladeers in the '80s, we changed the song to a woman's point of view by changing ladies to laddies. I thought rolling a leg over "the man in the moon" wasn't funny. I came up with "it's better that way" and we gave it "the clap".

Countless Renaissance Faire groups and Pub Sings have sung our chorus ever since.

Please give credit to the originators of any music and lyrics or
the recording you used to the best of your ability. If you are researching songs for yourself or a group, be creative. Or at least change the arrangement and how the song is introduced.

Perhaps one day, another budding musician will honor you in the same way.

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